Privacy Policy

Here is the privacy policy that governs our website. This policy clearly states how we use the collected information and share it. We collect both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information from the website users.

No job verification collects personal information when you fill the form and submit it to us or ask any query from us. This information includes name, state, and email id, date of birth, driver's license number, etc. We forward this information to the lenders and do not retain it on our server. Through a third party tracking system and cookies, we collect non-personal information, which includes the IP address of the system making the request for information, browser type and language, information about areas of the site browsed by the user, access time, etc.

We use the information to determine the eligibility of the applicants and communicate with them. We do not share the personal information with any third party. We use the financial information and social security number of applicants to match them with participating lenders in our network, or other third party lenders with whom we have a business relationship. We protect your privacy and ensure that you do not become victim of any identity fraud. We may link you with third parties through links mentioned on the website; however, these third parties are not covered under this private policy.

We may change, modify, update the policies, content, information, disclaimers, or any other declarations anytime; therefore, we suggest you to visit the policies page to check the revised policies every time you visit the site.

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